How many of you have played a game and considered the perspective of your character – even the type of world you are moving in? Many of the games I first learned to play looked the images below (Pong and Pac-Man).



What is the perspective of the player – what about the landscape of the game space?

You’re probably more used to seeing games such as Gran Turismo (below), where you are allowed multiple perspectives.

Gran Turismo 5

Let’s take a look at some other games that intentionally “mess with” perspective, like Portal, Super Paper Mario, Percepto, and Minecraft.

Super Paper Mario

How many of you have heard of Super Paper Mario for the Wii? This video starting at 4:30 shows Mario moving around as a “flat” Mario in three dimensional space.


Here’s a game app for the iPhone/iPad called Percepto. You are able to move in both 2 and 3 dimensions.


Tetris was one of my favorite games for the Nintendo. Here’s a free online version. How do you think this game represents space?


Portal is a fun game where you create portals to move around in 3D space. Check it out!


Minecraft is a game I see a lot around my house. Simon loves to play this with others (especially the creative mode). As you watch this video of the game play, what do you notice about the movement, pixelation, etc.?

Here’s a look at “the top 5 Minecraft castles”

Here’s a look at “the top 5 Minecraft cities”

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