7.1 Survey

Please complete this survey to help me understand your experience investigating space and perspective.

7.2 Start Final Project (Due May 29)

What does your newfound perspective allow you to do? How can you show this? Let’s take some time to talk about ways we can use our flexible space concept to create a work of art, re-invent a mathematical system, add to the philosophical discussions about the nature of dimension and space – anything.

Our investigations into space, perspective, and dimension included sci-fi stories about a flat land, an attempt to see the fourth dimension with bubbles, creating blog posts that reflect on space and visualization possibilities, and many cases that attempted to problematize space (including capturing and representing spaces). This project is a way for you to focus on a specific concept you find intriguing. Then share it with all of us, hopefully getting us to all think more deeply about your ideas.

Check out more details about the project on the Culminating Project Page.

In addition, I’m leaving some books with you guys. Feel free to use them to help you with your ideas. I believe all of the books are available for eReaders as well. In addition, feel free to look back at past cases on this site and use these to help you.

Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 4.24.11 PMScreen shot 2013-05-02 at 4.23.50 PM

7.3 Revisit Concept Map

The first week we met, I asked you all to create a “concept map” – basically writing everything you knew at the time about space and perspective. Some of you chose to write words and ideas, draw pictures, and connect related ideas with lines.

I have your maps with me today. You have two options:

  • Update your prior concept map, adding any new ideas – even changing old ideas
  • You can start anew  – I have some paper for you

7.4 Contact Information

Skype contact

Thank you everyone for such a wonderful and inviting place to contemplate the world together. The reason I keep going back to school is the enjoyment of throwing ideas around with others. You guys have taught me a lot and caused me to think more deeply about space, perspective, learning, and teaching – thank you!

In order to touch base with you guys about setting up a time to interview, it would be awesome if you could share your preferred email address with me and some way to contact you by phone or Skype for the interview. Here’s a quick form to share.

Also, please check the Edmodo site – in case you were unable to bring your consent/assent forms in to school, you can mail them to my address. (Please consider participating at any level, even if you don’t want to interview).


Keep brainstorming project ideas (due May 27?): Link to a description of the project

Monday, May 13: Post your brainstorming ideas and initial draft of your work.

Monday, May 20: Complete a revised draft of the project and have 2 other people give you feedback on your work.

Monday, May 27: Complete any revisions and be ready to share this week.

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