This page contains a schedule, links to class resources, classmates’ blog sites, and anything we might happen to use during our investigations into space and perspective.

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Currently, the plan is to use Edmodo. Check out our class Edmodo site. You’ll need to use the group code shared via email (face-to-face during our first meeting) to join the Space and Perspective group.


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Download Schedule as PDF (dates, blog prompts, activity, etc.)

Flatland, The Book:

Cover Flatland

Download a PDF Copy of Flatland, The Book

Download 1950s Introduction and Preface to 2nd Edition

Link for Free Kindle Version

Download Better PDF Version of Flatland, The Book

Crochet and Knitting – Geometric Surfaces

1_Quilted Mobius Band (find on Edmodo Space & Perspective class site)

3_Sierpinski Variations (find on Edmodo Space & Perspective class site)

Networks, Surfaces, Knots, and Project Ideas

1_Networks (find on Edmodo Space & Perspective class site)

2_Surfaces (find on Edmodo Space & Perspective class site)

3_Knots (find on Edmodo Space & Perspective class site)

4_Projects (find on Edmodo Space & Perspective class site)

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